Building Features

  • Design & Features +
    • 3-storey, 36 loft / condo restoration / creation
    • High Efficiency fully modulating boilers run by natural gas, offering significant cost savings and reducing emissions of pollutants
    • Air tight insulated exterior walls with higher R values than code requirements.
    • Central Ventilation System with heat recovery unit supplying common areas and individual suites with filtered fresh air.
    • Ultra-sonic lighting in stairwells and Recycling Room, that turn on automatically by door-contact switch and sensors
    • Long-lasting Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) in common areas
    • Recycling Facilities for sorting organics, recyclables and waste will help residents participate in the City of Halifax's waste reduction efforts.
    • Energy efficient high speed elevator
    • Adjacent to Cobb Park
    • Surface parking
    • Storage in each unit
    • Private residential entry (2 lofts)
    • Innovative lobby design

Peace of Mind

  • Policies +
    • Cats allowed
    • No party policy
    • Smoke free building
    • Tenant insurance mandatory
    • Propane BBQ's permitted on balconies
  • Comfort +
    • Individual metered electricity
    • In-floor hot water heating through out
    • Direct venting to the outside of kitchen hood and dryer exhaust
    • Continuous venting of bathroom(s) exhaust to living areas and energy recovery system (HRV)
  • Communications +
    • High-speed wiring connection point
    • Advanced, in-suite structured wiring. Each telephone, cable, data or multi-port outlet within a suite connects directly to central connection panel
    • Pre-wired cable outlet in living room, bedroom(s), and den
    • Pre-wired telephone outlet in living room, bedroom(s), den and kitchen
    • One multi-port outlet (telephone and cable connections located on the same faceplate), location determined by vendor
    • Category 5 telephone wiring to all telephone outlets and multi-port
    • RG-6 coaxial cable to all cable outlets and multi-port
  • Safety & Security +
    • Electronic communication system located in the lobby vestibule permits guests to communicate with residents of the suite from the building entrance. Guests in the lobby vestibule can be viewed on the resident’s television
    • Dual hard wired and battery backup smoke alarm(s)
    • Well lit exterior parking lots
    • Fully sprinkled building
    • Fully equipped fire alarm building
  • Electrical and Heating +
    • Individual service panel with circuit breakers
    • White receptacles and switches throughout
    • Light fixtures in foyer, hallway(s), walk-in closet(s), bedroom(s), kitchen, breakfast area and den
    • Lighting fixtures designed to fit long-lasting, energy saving lamps

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